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Dungeon World Fronts in D&D

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Thanks to the author for allowing us to, I'd wish to post here on SpadaBastarda today one of Mike Shea's article I've found more useful among all the other excellent pieces appeared on SlyFlourish. The Front concept presented in the article will let you make your game world alive and dynamic, able to evolve according to characters actions. Fronts are a very interesting way actually of planning your quests and, especially, campaigns.

The 5x5 Method

#Articles, #Traduzioni, #Dm, #Quest, #Planning

With the author permission, we suggest here on SpadaBastarda one of the most popular Dave Chalker's articles appeared on his blog Critical-Hits. The 5x5 Method is a planning strategy for Masters that sits between giving enough decisions for the party to make so that their choices matter and, at the same time, isn't too wide open as to make it difficult to plan ahead for those of us Masters fellows who are not as great at building adventures on the fly.

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Let's talk about D&D

Dungeons & Dragons is a table-top roleplaying game promoting story-telling and player cooperation.
Friends around the same table play their own character each, taking decisions and making actions to shape the story where they are protagonists.
For further informations about the game, I invite you to visit the official website or - better, imho - ask to your local game store... come and have a look!

Let's talk about Luca

Electronic Engineer: that's what I am. Hard studies all, that have cost me dear. And so I sit, poor and silly man, no wiser now that when I began.

Luca was born in Livorno on May 5th 1987, town in Tuscany on the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

He started to play Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) with a couple of friends back in the summer 1997. Scientific high school graduate, BoS and Mos Electronic Engineering at Pisa University. Currently PhD student. He has played and DM'd regularly until the last few years of university: 3rd edition, 3.5, 4E e 5E, up until the memorable group established in the years of the high school has been scattered for work needs.

Recently he started to play again taking part into D&D Adventurers League sessions as player.

Luca founded SpadaBastarda on July 10th 2004, blending together his interests into web programming and pen-and-paper table-top rpg games. Since then, SpadaBastarda has been discontinued and restored several times... While playing D&D 4E, it was used mainly as in-game digital aid to the sessions. Now, SpadaBastarda has been converted into Luca's blog about D&D-related stuff.

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